jm1968a 7 years ago • updated by Diziye.Com 3 years ago 5

I've followed the instruction over and over and still get - You still did't uploaded the required file. To continue you need to upload the hardlink script to your server.

Any Ideas?


I have the same problem. Even my host support tried to help but same message keep appearing again and again. seems the problem is from the side of hardlink exchange side. 
Error message--->You uploaded the required file properly but did't make includes or the includes do not work.
To continue you need to include hardlink files to the main page of your site.
could get this to work either

I have the same problem.

The include statement for php doesn't work. This code will work, and will not disperse the link code across your entire site (only the main page). This is more SEO friendly. This is the code that will work:

if(strstr($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'],'home')) {
$fn = isset($_GET['p']);
if($fn != 'p') {     
include 'REPLACE WITHYOURFOLDER/hardlinks.html';